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Maintaining Coloured Hair Radiance: 7 Healthy Hair Habits

It’s not always simple to keep your hair colour appearing fresh and fabulous. Hair colour never seems to stay in place, from fading roots to dull-looking ends. While you won’t be able to avoid retouching your hair after a month or so, you can keep the brilliance and sheen of your colour between salon visits.

Yes, you heard that right! You can enhance your hair’s health and keep your stunning, vivid hair colour simultaneously—all by making a few simple changes to your regular hair care regimen.

So, whether you’re tired of your hairstyle and want to try something new, here are some healthy hair habits to follow if you’re going to keep the beauty of your coloured hairstyle.

Wash Your Hair with Only Sulfate-Free Products

Your professional hairstylist probably told you to avoid sulphate-filled haircare products. Sulphate is the enemy of colour-treated hair. These hair-cleansing products can be excessively harsh on dyed hair, causing the colour to fade more quickly than it would otherwise. 

Alternatively, use sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners to clean your strands without removing the colour.

Do Not Shower with Warm or Hot Water

The temperature of your shower may affect the appearance of your hair colour. Heat can stretch and open the cuticle of the hair, causing colour molecules to wash away. This is especially true for those who colour their hair red, as the molecules in such colours are larger than in others. 

Bigger molecules imply that your red hair colour is more prone to fading and dulling over time. So, the next time you’re taking a shower, turn down the heat a notch or two.

Keep Your Hair Hydrated and Moisturized Daily

The most common side effect of hair colouring is loss of moisture or hydration.  Simply shampooing or applying conditioner will not be enough. Hair masks and frequent oiling should be included in your hair care regimen.

Air-Dry Your Hair Instead of Blow Dry or Iron

Skip the blow dryer and let your strands dry naturally. Excess heat can open cuticles, enabling colour molecules to fade.

If you can’t avoid using a blow dryer to style your strands throughout the week, do so correctly. Use a multi-tasking hair primer to untangle damp strands and protect hair from heat. It’s also vital that you set your blow dryer to the lowest heat setting. More importantly, dry your strands with the dryer a few inches away. 

Make Use of a Deep Conditioner and Mask

Use a protein hair mask for additional nourishment and prevent hair damage. Apply a hair mask before shampooing for extra protection for your hair colour. You can use a DIY home solution or all-natural product and leave it for about half an hour before taking a bath and washing it off with your shampoo.

You can also keep your strands hydrated and your hair colour bright by applying a hair mask once a week or a leave-in conditioner throughout the day. Use a hair mask designed with moisturizing nutrients such as avocado, shea, olive oil, and jojoba butter to keep your strands smooth and supple.

Make It a Habit to Wear a Hat or Use an Umbrella

Sun exposure is already harmful to your skin, but it can also make your hair colour dull and dry. If you are constantly exposed, make sure you wear a hat or use an umbrella to avoid losing your hair colour before it is time. 

You can also try to reschedule tasks or errands you usually do when it’s sunny outside. In turn, you won’t have to worry about subjecting your coloured roots and hair to sun exposure. 

Refrain from Using Hard Water for Hair Washing

Hard water accumulation can make our hair resistant to retaining colour molecules, which is one of the primary causes of poor hair colour. Instead of washing your hair every day, try wearing a shower cap or purchasing a shower head filter to minimize excessive buildup. 


Haircare goes beyond daily hair products. Healthy hair begins from within. What you eat can also affect the health and appearance of your coloured hair and provide the nutrients that promote hair growth and shine. It just goes to show that taking care of yourself from within is the best way to get that natural glow in your hair from root to tip.

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