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What If You’re Not Satisfied with Your Hair Color and Cut?

It is common to go to a hairdresser salon for a new hair colour or light trim—but end up with disappointment. It can be difficult to know what to say or how to approach the situation honestly in these cases.

It can be frustrating when the hairstyle you get is entirely different from what you expected. You might feel horrified by what it may cost you. The main problem is bringing up the issue with your hairdresser without offending them. 

Fortunately, a professional hairstylist has tips on handling situations like these. Read on to learn how to handle such situations.

1. Go Back To The Salon As Soon As Possible

Some salons are willing to fix your hair for free, and that is only when you tell them your issue within a week. Some hair colours do not take effect instantly, or some may fade over time, which will leave you unsatisfied with the results. 

Do not attempt to fix this on your own, as the chemicals might damage your hair. Instead, go back to the salon and tell them your concern in a polite manner. They may fix it for free.

2. Set Clear Expectations From The Start 

It would be best to explain your expectations adequately to your stylist before they proceed with the styling. 

People can vary from one another. Interpretation can vary, and miscommunications can occur. That is why it is essential to consult your hairstylist about your likes and dislikes to achieve the best results.

It is also crucial to know that the photos and models displayed in most salon shops are not genuine, which is one of the primary reasons your results could differ from models. Talk to your stylist about it, and they will be as realistic as you want them to avoid disappointments.

3. Bring Your Concerns Directly To The Stylist

Getting your concerns straight to your hairdresser can fix all your problems. The results will not change unless you tell your stylist about it.

If you are afraid that they might misinterpret your concern, well, you should not be. Hairstylists like it when you approach them about your issues because they can learn about their customers. 

A hairdresser wants you to be specific as much as possible. You can explain what result you want to achieve by referencing visuals. Showing your stylists a picture of what outcome you desire is crucial for the stylists to understand your preference better.

Final Thoughts 

There is nothing wrong with approaching your stylist about your issues about the results of their services. The important thing is the level of respect is there when you tell them about them. After all, they would love to know your concerns as this is one way of knowing their clients and building relationships.

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