It can be tough to get information about keratin treatments because they’re advertised to produce frizz-less, glossy, full-bodied locks. However, there’s so much more to know before you make an appointment.

Here are questions on keratin treatments answered with the help of top celebrity hairstylists to aid you in deciding whether this procedure is for you.

What Is a Keratin Treatment?

A keratin treatment is a hair smoothing process. It involves washing, conditioning, and blow-drying hair before applying a heat-activated product that’s rinsed out of the hair after about thirty minutes.

How Does a Keratin Treatment Work?

A regular keratin treatment is a formaldehyde-free, no-lift method applied to hair that is washed, blown dry, and then flat ironed. Some keratin treatments require the client’s hair to be wrapped in foil and heated to activate the keratin, while others involve the application of a keratin-based spray that’s brushed through the hair.

How Quickly Will Hair Be Straight after a Keratin Treatment?

It takes about three days to see the results following a keratin treatment, but it depends on how frizzy your hair is, to begin with.

Will a Keratin Treatment Work with Any Hair Type?

Unfortunately, keratin treatment will not work for all types of hair. It’s not intended for over-processed hair bleached, highlighted, or dyed for the past six months. It won’t work on hair that’s been permed, either.

How Should You Prepare Your Hair before a Keratin Treatment?

If you have coloured, permed, or very dry hair, have a colourist do a gloss treatment to even out your hair and make it smoother to work with before the keratin treatment.

What Shampoo and Conditioner Should You Use after a Keratin Treatment?

You should use a colour-safe shampoo, and your stylist or colourist will likely recommend a conditioner that contains protein to help your hair grow and strengthen.

What Are the Benefits of a Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatments can reduce hair frizziness and make it easier to manage. It can also make the hair appear thicker and add shine to it.

How Often Should You Get a Keratin Treatment?

The recommended number of times to get a keratin treatment depends on your hair and how you style or colour it. You may get a keratin treatment every two to six months.

How Can You Maintain the Results of a Keratin Treatment?

After getting a keratin treatment, you can wash your hair with warm water and a mild shampoo to maintain your hair. Never use a hairdryer.

What’s the Difference between a Keratin Treatment and a Brazilian Blowout?

A professional hairstylist performs a keratin treatment in a hair salon. It takes about three hours, and the smoothing effect lasts about two months.

Meanwhile, a Brazilian blowout happens in a stylist’s chair and takes around four hours. It’s a semi-permanent smoothing treatment, and it lasts about three months.

What’s the Difference between Keratin and a Japanese Straightening Treatment?

The Japanese straightening treatment is a more involved process at a salon and lasts about two hours. It involves setting the hair in plastic rollers and infusing it with a blend of proteins and amino acids that break the hair’s bonds over time and change the curl pattern.

What Ingredients Are in a Keratin Treatment?

Some keratin treatments contain cysteine, which is an amino acid. Others use keratin protein and dimethicone.

How Do You Know Which Keratin Treatment to Have?

You should ask a stylist when you wonder what keratin treatment is right for you. They will ask questions about your hair type, texture, porosity, and current hair-care regimen.


Whether your hair is frizzy, damaged, or curly, a keratin treatment can give you the results you want without the hair damage of chemical treatments and the high price of salon visits every week. Choosing the proper keratin treatment and a skilled stylist can produce the shiny, sleek hair you’ve always desired.