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Choosing the Most Fitting Hairstyle for Your Long Hair

Long, thick hair is a dream for most women. Plenty of effort goes into achieving that longer, shinier hair than other people imagine. That’s why when the urge comes to try a new hairstyle, and women can’t just make a full-on chop. It’s like letting go of a most prized possession.

If you are on the lookout for a new hairstyle, why don’t you try out the hairstyles of some of the world’s biggest celebrities? These hairstyles bring new life to new hair without cutting the length.

Imagine yourself in each style, and choose the one you love best! Visit a hairdresser salon and request any of the following hairstyles.

Long Layers Like Beyonce’s

Come on, who doesn’t want to look like Queen Bey? This style gives you long layers that start at the chin, and it’s the perfect fit if you’re born with naturally thick and wavy or curly hair.

Did you know that multi-layered hairstyle are suitable for thick hair? This is because it’s easier to maintain, helps to add more shape and definition, and contributes to greater volume and fullness to your hair.

Tapered Ends Like Zendaya’s

If you want to accentuate the length of your hair, tapered ends and longer layers are the styles for you. It also helps you avoid too much volume at the crown.

Blunt Bangs and Layers Like Naomi Campbell’s

This style gives a straight hair body by removing weight from the interior. This is usually an excellent way to help manage long hair. One way to do it is to slide weight out from the under sections and ends so that they can swish around quickly.

Wavy with Face-Framing Layers for Your Inner Selena Gomez

Admit it; you wanted to be like Selena Gomez at one point in your life. Her hair is always gorgeous. If your goal is to spotlight your beautiful face, long layers that frame the face—be it natural, loose wave, or beach waves—is a good choice.

Tousled Ends Like Gigi Hadid’s

If you have a round or square face, going with tousled ends will perfectly frame and flatter your features. Layers like Gigi Hadid’s will add shape and body. However, if you have natural waves like her, use a high-quality product to help emphasise its waves.

Natural Volume Like Solange’s

If you have slightly waved natural hair and want to try Solange’s hairstyle, you can only add the slightest hint of layers at the end. This method helps accentuate the length. If you want a more exciting look, something that feels avant-garde, inject plenty of volume toward the bottom of the hair.

Braids Like Keke Palmer’s

Box braids like Keke Palmer’s look great, and they keep the hair protected. They need to be maintained well, so you must spritz them with a moisturising oil several times per week. You also have to clean the scalp with natural cleansing oils at least once per week.

Boho Bangs Like Dakota Johnson’s

Aren’t Dakota Johnson’s bangs such fringe goals? You can quickly achieve her look by blowing the bangs out as soon as you leave the shower. Then, style using a smaller round brush. 

Tousled with Texture Like Shay Mitchell’s

How do you achieve Shay Mitchell’s glam bedhead look? First, spritz hair spray all over your hair. Then, curl the locks and rake your hands through your curls. 

Stick Straight with Side Bangs Like Penelope Cruz’s

If you want to replicate Penelope Cruz’s stick-straight hair with short side bangs, you can do it at home. Just use a blow dryer and a flat iron!


So, have you made up your mind? Whatever hairstyle you choose, make sure it highlights the natural loveliness of your long hair. Enjoy finding your new look!

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