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A Quick Guide to Finding the Best Hair Salon in Your City

Finding the ideal hair salon near you can be challenging, especially if you just moved into a new city or your previous stylist is no longer available. While you can just go for the one closest to you, you may not get the results you are expecting every time.

This article will guide you through the factors you may want to consider when looking for the ideal hair salon.

1 – Scout within the Area

Although a good hairstylist is worth a further drive, maintaining your signature look may be a hassle if you spend so much time travelling. Try scouting for a hairstylist within the area that is a 30-minute to 1-hour drive away.

2 – Consider Your Budget

Getting your hair coloured and straightened often comes with some maintenance costs to consider when making your budget. While it is great to splurge occasionally, make sure that you have a reasonable budget to keep your hair looking and feeling at its best.

3 – Learn from Recommendations

The easiest way to find a trusted hair salon and stylist is through the recommendations of friends and family. Your friends and family will know you best and may vouch for a quality stylist where they personally get their hair cut, coloured, or styled.

If you don’t have friends and family in the area, you can try asking around in your workplace or school. People are often happy to talk about their hairstylists if they are satisfied with the treatment they get. 

4 – Look at Websites and Social Media

Most salons now have a website or some form of social media presence. They can share their day-to-day images, clients, and finished looks for you to browse. Doing so gives you insight into whether they can accomplish the hairstyle you want.

You can also check out the honest reviews people post about them to help you make your decision.

5 – Know the Additional Services They Offer

Some salons offer additional services such as manicures and pedicures, spray tans, waxing, and facials. This can help you save time driving around to different salons if you need to get those services anyway.

6 – Go for a Simple Trim

Do you have a potential hair salon yet? You can go and try their services for yourself with a quick visit. Book an appointment for a simple trim to see how things go. It is less likely that your trim will go awry, but you get to know if you like their salon services and if you are comfortable with their hairstylists.

7 – Assess the Comfortability

When choosing a hair salon, the most important factor is if you are comfortable with their services and if the hairstylist listens to your needs. A good hairstylist will work with you to help you achieve your dream hair.

It helps to have inspirational pictures of the style you are looking for to give them a good idea.


Finding the best hair salon that caters to your specific needs can be challenging, especially if you are just moving into a new place. You can take recommendations and scout around the area for the hair salon that can cater to your needs.

Make sure you test out the salon with a quick visit for a simple hair trim to see if you would like their services.

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