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Getting a Haircut? Here Are 3 Bob Cut Styles to Try

If you’re looking for a drastic change in your look or style, then a bob cut is your perfect choice. Whether you want a refreshed mindset or going through a tough time, a new haircut and something as unique as a bob cut can make the difference. 

This haircut is popular for being the daring look that many women want to try. What’s more, there are many variations of it, so you have plenty of options when you browse through the salon’s haircut guide. Here are the three best bob cut styles you should try for your next cut:

1. The Tousled Bob

tousled bob

The tousled bob is an effortlessly chic cut that involves messy yet soft and airy layers. As a favourite of many, the tousled bob gives you space for movement, and it’s effortless to achieve. While it’s messier than other hairstyles, the tousled bob still keeps your look fresh, polished and unrestricted. 

This haircut is achieved by thinning out the ends of the hair. With that said, maintenance may be needed for this cut since the ends need to be regularly trimmed and thinned down to keep it looking new and exciting. 

You may ask your hairdresser to fit the cut to your face shape. For instance, round faces fit a more extended cut near the collarbone with volumised layers.

2. The 90s Bob

90s bob

The 90s bob is the boss cut of all bobs. This sleek and short bob cut represents power and strength, giving its wearers a feeling of authority. This cut suits an oval-shaped and well-balanced face, plus it can be cut to fit different hair textures. 

Similar to the tousled bob, the 90s bob requires maintenance every six weeks to keep its sharpness. Generally, coarser hair types may need more touch-ups between washes to keep the hair’s style and natural movement. 

On the other hand, naturally straight hair doesn’t require too much styling since it fits the sleek look of the 90s bob perfectly. If you have very thick hair, you may ask your hairdresser to do internal layering to remove the bulk and allow the hair to sit flatter. If you have fine hair, keeping the cut at a uniform length throughout with a blunt cut gives the illusion of thicker hair.

3. The Curly Bob

curly bob

The curly bob is perfect for those with naturally curly hair, ready to embrace their curls and coils. A side-parted fringe adds height to the hair since this kind of texture needs many heavy creams to control frizz. 

A fringe in the front may also help with elevation while still controlling the frizz. The curly bob fits square face types with sharp jawlines. It’s also good to have a straight cut fringe to keep the baseline in one length to add heaviness and reduce frizz.


These three bob cut types will help you create a new iconic look while also having fun exploring an exciting hairstyle. Remember that while as fun as these bob cuts seem, considering your face shape will help you achieve a look that is both daring and suitable to you.

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