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What the Latest Hair Trends in 2022 Will Look Like

The new year means new trends in all aspects—makeup, nails and hair. The hairstyle scene has seen many cuts go in and out of style over the years, but it’s all the same pattern. New years mean a new look for many people, especially for ladies.

While no one can be exactly sure what hairstyle or cut would be trending, some predictions can be made based on the previous year. So, here it is, our list of predictions of what would be the most popular cuts in 2022.

Mid-Length Bob

Bobs have been all the rage in the past few years. This hairstyle last became trendy in the early 2000s, and it is back in style once more, with many celebrities rocking it. The mid-length bob is perfect for those who want a new look but do not want to go all too daring.

Natural Hairstyles

We do not mean just rolling out of bed in the morning and letting your hair be for the day by natural hairstyles. We mean soft curls that do not look like they tried too hard or waves that have been tidied up. This is also manifested by the dyeing trend where people are now going for more natural colours, like browns and blacks.

Healthy, Shiny Hair

For some reason, the years 2018 to 2020 had many people dying their hair in the craziest colours. However, 2021 saw most people mellowing down and turning back into their natural hair colour. We predict that in 2022, healthy and shiny hair will take over, and bleached strands will have to say goodbye.

Wavy is the New Straight

Remember when everyone all had straight hair because it was trendy? Those with wavy and curly hair all had to wake up extra hours before their day began to straighten out their hair. It’s the opposite now, with most people embracing and appreciating wavy hair! Straight hair still is beloved, but wavy hair is now also trending.

Blunt Bangs

If you have not seen this trend, you must have lived outside of society. Blunt, full bangs are all that is in nowadays. Almost every female celebrity has had it at one point, and most people are doing their blunt bang cuts at home.

Layered Hair

Remember the early 2000s when scene kids had all that uneven layered hair? Yeah, that hairstyle is making a comeback pretty soon. Most people do not like straight cuts anymore and get layered hair. It adds to the volume and style of one’s hair without being too obvious.

High Ponytails

Messy buns used to be everyone’s go-to hairstyle, but now high ponytails have been taking centre stage. Going high as you can with your tied-up hair has been so in-style nowadays and is predicted to be one of the most popular hairstyles in 2022.


A new year means new hair trends, which also means new things for you to try. Going with the trends is not bad, as long as you do not give in to peer pressure. Do what works for you, regardless of whether it is trendy or not, and enjoy just being yourself.

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