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4 Tips to Communicating Better with Your Hairdresser

We all want to have the perfect hair that would suit our appearance and face shape. Going to a talented hairdresser is one step towards getting the ideal waves, blowdry and more. However, it’s important to follow that up with proper communication about what kind of hairstyle you’re trying to go for.

Hairdressers are, unfortunately, not mind readers. The more you can tell your hairdresser about the length, the cut and other information to help them picture your vision, the closer you’ll be to achieving the ideal look you want. Here are a couple of tips on how to communicate better with your hairdresser:

1) Check the Lingo

Any practice would involve various terminologies, and hair cutting and styling is no exemption from that. Hairdressers have their vocabulary, from the balayage to babylights and fringes to face-framing pieces. There’s even a variety of different colours, like brondes.

Try to learn what these different words mean and incorporate this lingo when communicating with your hairdresser. Don’t be afraid to ask head-on if you want any explanation about them. 

2) Prepare Photos

If words aren’t working too well for you, try to back up your communication with some visuals. There are plenty of hair inspirations that you can take online and show to your hairdresser, so try saving a couple that is close to your ideal style.

However, remember to keep your expectations realistic. As talented as a hairdresser can be, celebrities take a lot of prep work to get their hair to appear the way that they want. Plus, you need to consider the difference between colour, thickness, texture, and more.

3) Share Your Hair Experiences

Throughout your hair appointment, try to share different things about yourself and how you wear your hair. Even if you aren’t the talkative type, many hairdressers would appreciate this information on your hair to give you a nicer snip and style.

For instance, if you touch on your workplace and how it can be a little fast-paced so that you put your hair up, hairdressers get an inkling of the type of colour or cut that you’re going for. They can even use appropriate products to solve hair issues, such as hair fall and the like. 

4) Request Advice

Finally, try to get a little bit of professional input from your hairdresser. They have plenty of experience dealing with hairs of all kinds, so be sure to ask different questions about what products would benefit your current cut and style. 

Hairdressers would even be delighted to make a few suggestions about what kind of hair look would look good on you. Try to ask them about it if you haven’t fully figured out what you should go for, and allow them to work their magic on you. 


Communication may not be the easiest thing to do, but talking with your hairdresser about various things pays off. Practice and take your time, and you might just be surprised about how good you’ll look when leaving the salon. 

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