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7 Various Tips to Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

One of the best feelings you can ever have is to step out of the salon with freshly coloured hair to match your personality and style. Of course, we all dream that the colour will last forever, making our investment and our time worth it. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. As the days go by, the colours will slowly fade. In other words, the hair will inevitably lose its dye. However, that doesn’t mean that you can do nothing to make your hair colour last longer!

Today, we want to share with you various tips to make your hair colour last longer:

1. Avoid Washing Your Hair Every Day

It may seem counter-intuitive, but washing your hair every day could be causing it to fade faster. The harsh chemicals in the shampoo could be causing the colour to wash out without properly colouring your hair. Try to cut back on washing it, or opt for co-washing rather than using regular shampoo.

2. Get Your Hair Cut Regularly

Another common reason for colour fading faster is because the hair is unhealthy. If you want to make your colour last longer, then try to get regular haircuts. The better the quality of the cut, the better the colour will look and the longer it will last.

3. Drink Lots and Lots of Water

We’re not talking about having a shampoo and rinse; we’re talking about water! Water is key to preventing your colour from fading. The more moisture in your hair, the less damage it takes, and the longer the colour will last.

4. Use Shampoos and Conditioners Made for Colour-Treated Hair

Many colour-treated hair products have been specially formulated for colour-treated hair. The ingredients have been selected to protect colour-treated hair from fading. If you’re going to spend the money on a hairdresser, why not invest a little more and get a product that will last longer?

5. Don’t Touch Your Hair

Touching your hair can cause any colour to fade. This is why it is vital to keep your hands off your hair as much as possible. The less your hands are near your hair, the less it will fade.

6. Avoid Using a Blow Dryer

The heat from blow dryers can cause severe damage to your hair. If you want to take good care of your hair, then you should avoid it. Instead, let your hair naturally air dry after washing, or use a diffuser to dry your hair gently.

7. Avoid Touching Your Hair until It Is Completely Dry

I can’t say this enough times. If your hair isn’t completely dry, then your hands will leave a smudge of moisture on it. This moisture can cause your colour to fade, so it’s best just to hold off until it’s completely dry.


Many of these tips will seem like common sense. However, some of them will be new to you. Keeping them in mind will help you make your hair colour last longer without causing too much inconvenience. If you still have questions or concerns about protecting your hair colour, feel free to ask your hair dyer. They’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to take care of your hair, allowing you to enjoy stunning hair for as long as possible.

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