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Here’s What You Should Know About Getting a Spray Tan

People are often confused as to just how long a spray tan lasts. On average, it’s usually said to last a little over a week-around ten days. That said, longevity can vary depending on just what level the shading is at. The darker shades have a 10-day shelf-life; medium shades are a week or eight days, while lighter shades can stay that way for up to five.

Why does it vary so much? It’s all in the DHA (dihydroxyacetone), the active ingredient used in tanning solutions. The darker a solution is, the more DHA it has. So more DHA means the colour will hold for a longer time.

What Is the Best Way to Get Ready for a Spray Tan Session?

Achieving the ideal spray tan starts well before the actual appointment at the tanning salon or spa. Prepare for the session accordingly with these steps:

1. Avoid Waxing up to 24 Hours Pre-Appointment

Smooth skin is terrific, but a rough tint session is the exact opposite. If waxing happens up to 24 hours before a spray tan appointment, the result will be a tint that’s quite uneven. Pores are temporarily opened when the skin is waxed, making them more prominent than they usually are.

2. Exfoliate Daily Three Days Prior

Dead skin cells will cause a spray tan to flake or develop unsightly streaks. Exfoliation needs to be done every day for up to three days before the appointment proper. Taking a washcloth to the skin will get this done. Ideal techniques for this include dry brushing, body scrubs, and loofahs.

Oil-based products or chemical exfoliants should not be part of this process. The latter, in particular, has ingredients that help exfoliation along, such as glycolic acid and retinol. Using it up to 24 hours before the appointment won’t do any good because the exfoliant will likely take the spray tan off of the skin as well.

3. Keep the Menstrual Cycle in Mind When Setting an Appointment

It’s a good rule of thumb to get a spray tan after a period and not the week before. There’s no detailed scientific research to support this. However, many professionals in the spray tan field seem to agree with this well enough.

4. Showering Pre-Appointment Should Be Done Eight Hours Before

Anyone looking to get a spray tan that’s no less than perfect should take a shower eight hours before. That’s because the skin then gets enough time to get its pH balance back. At the same time, it will still be in an ideal state of exfoliation.

5. Wear Shoes and Clothes That Fit Loosely to the Appointment

There generally aren’t any tan lines when a spray tan happens unless there’s a tight-fitting garment involved right after the session. It’s best to avoid friction from clothing worn right after the session. As an aside, it’s also important not to have deodorant and makeup on before and during the session.


The longevity of spray tans depends entirely on how dark the shade is. This is because of the tanning solution’s active ingredient, DHA. It’s best to prepare for a spray tan session by not waxing 24 hours before, showering eight hours earlier, and keeping the menstrual cycle in mind when setting an appointment.

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