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What You Need to Know about Sunless Tanning

In a perfect world, everyone understands sun protection and learns its importance at an early age. Kids would know to play only in the shade and apply sunscreen whenever they go out. 

Unfortunately, even adults today seem to overlook the importance of sun protection. In fact, today’s adults have been fans of tanning both under the sun and indoor tanning beds. These, of course, can be one of the most dangerous things you can do to your skin. 

But what if you want to look tan and sunkissed? You can always opt for the much safer choice: sunless tanning. 

In this post, your trusted salon for the best spray tan in Maroochydore shares what you need to know about sunless tanning:

UV vs. Sunless Tanning

UV tanning is not safe for you and puts you at risk of all types of skin cancer. That is reason enough for you to seek a much safer option. 

You can achieve the tan that you want with sunless tanners. Most sunless tanners contain the colouring agent dihydroxyacetone or DHA, which combines with the skin’s amino acids. The reaction between these two results in the browning of the skin. What makes it different from the reaction to UV rays is that it only involves the outermost cell layer of the skin. 

Can I Do Sunless Tanning at Home?

It’s not so much a question of whether you can but whether you should do it on your own at home. While you can get products for self-tanning that are commercially available, know that if you want a flawless and streak-free finish, you better let a professional do it. 

How to Prepare for Sunless Tanning

Before applying the sunless tanner, you first need to exfoliate your skin. This is essential for the even application of the tanner as thicker and dryer parts like your elbows and knees can hold more product and turn out darker or even look orange. It is also a good idea to speak with the pro who will apply your tanner for any recommendations as they will know the product and the process better, and they’re the best person to give you instructions to get the best results.

How Long Does It Take for Sunless Tanning to Work?

It takes at least two hours for the sunless tanner to set in. This is enough time so that it is ready to be washed off. Sunless tanning gets you a tan in no time compared to UV tanning. Most people see results right away, so there’s no need to worry when immediately after applying. Your skin will look pale. Remember that the colour you see when it’s wet is not the colour at its darkest, so you shouldn’t worry if it’s almost white wet. By the following day, you will see the tan start to develop, so don’t be surprised if you wake up looking darker than you expected.


Before you step out during the summer months, take the necessary precautions by protecting your skin from the sun with a sunless tan. This way, you don’t have to worry about harmful UV rays and get the colour you want for that flawless look.

To learn more about sunless tanning and how you can achieve the best results, visit a reputable salon shop in Maroochydore that offers a tanning service. 

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